Bursar Department,
Chancellery Building,
Universiti Sains Malaysia,
11800 USM, Penang.

ePayment Operating Hours

Normal Day Transaction
02.00 am - 10.30 pm
Malaysia Time Zone (UTC+08:00)
Month/Year End Transaction
02.00 am - 11.59 am
Malaysia Time Zone (UTC+08:00)

ePayment Policy


ePayment is one of the initiatives taken by Bursar Department, Universiti Sains Malaysia to diversify the modes of payment offered. This facility is offered to all customers and to to ensure that the payment is done seamlessly and cost-effective.
In order to ensure that the facility offered can fulfill the current needs of all parties, the Bursar Department has formulated an ePayment Policy (the "Policy"), which aims to:
1. As a guiding principle on the overall operation with regards of the facility.
2. To encourage the use of technology in promoting the seamless and cost effective way of online payment.
The policy outlines :
1. Payment Facility
2. Payment Cancellation and Refund
3. Complaints on services / facility
4. Policy amendments

Payment Facility

a) Internet Banking (FPX)
Activation of internet banking is a must with any of the banks listed in FPX.
b) Credit Card MasterCard / Visa
  Activation of credit card is a must for payment online. Activation of this facility is subject to the terms and conditions of the credit card bank issuer.

Payment Cancellation and Refund

a) Payment Cancellation
Cancellation of payments is restricted to credit card payments only. The cancellation must be done within the 24 hours period and subject to working hours in Main Campus USM.
Customers must contact Bursar Department, Main Campus USM for cancellation.
Customers should refer to the Refund Policy if they wish to cancel beyond the spesified period.
b) Refund
Customers can claim back money erroneously paid through ePayment by submitting the following documents:-
i) Completed Refund Claim Form submitted by the payer.
ii) A copy of valid identification document
iii) A copy of Bank Statement or the first page of the Passbook
Refund will be made within 14 days upon receiving the complete documents. The refund amount will be subjected to a 1.8% bank charges and other possible charges, if any.


Customer can submit their feedback on ePayment via online facility.
Feedback will be given within 2 working days after receiving the information. If no response is given within the period, the customer can lodge a complaint at eSupport or contact the Bursar Department Main Campus.
Assuming all the sources mentioned above did not respond accordingly, customers can bring up the matter directly to the USM Office of Public Relations Office.
If the feedback from various sources mentioned above would still be unsatisfying, further complaints can be made directly to the Public Complaints Bureau, Prime Minister's Department.

Policy Amendments

USM reserves the right to revise and amend the contents of the policy from time to time as it is necessary to make it relevant to the facilities offered. Any changes made will be updated through the webpage.