Bursar Department,
Chancellery Building,
Universiti Sains Malaysia,
11800 USM, Penang.

ePayment Operating Hours

Normal Day Transaction
02.00 am - 10.30 pm
Malaysia Time Zone (UTC+08:00)
Month/Year End Transaction
02.00 am - 11.59 am
Malaysia Time Zone (UTC+08:00)


This webpage will delineate the policies that encompass the use and the protection of information furnished by visitors.
If you wish to register and conduct a transaction, the information may be shared together with other visitors to assist in the provision of more effective and efficient services. For instance, in the resolution of complaints that may require feedback from other parties.

Data Protection

Contemporary technology including data encryption is used to safeguard the data furnished and the adherence to stringent security standards is applicable to prevent unauthorized access.

Storage Security

All electronic storage and the transmission of personal data will be encrypted and stored utilizing the appropriate security technologies.

Information Compiled

No personal information will be collated as you surf the USM website excepting information furnished by you via email or registration.

Feedback, Enquiries or Complaints

We greatly welcome your feedback/queries. If the detailed information needed is not available on this website, your needs will be forwarded to the relevant party.
If you have any queries or complaints regarding the policies or pertaining to this website, you can contact us via the feedback section as provided in this website.

What will happen if I link to other websites?

The USM websites is linked to other websites. This policy only applies to the USM website. It should be noted that the websites linked to the USM website may have a set of different policies and visitors are advised to peruse and understand the policies of each website surfed.

Policy Amendment

If this policy is amended, any such amendments will be updated on this webpage. By constantly visiting/surfing this website, you will be updated on how information is compiled, how it is used and how this information is shared with other parties in certain situations.


Electronic communication and transactions are a key part of Universiti Sains Malaysia’s service delivery. However, the advantages that online transactions provide can also give rise to the risk of fraud Only debt collection agents appointed by the Universiti Sains Malaysia can make a claim on the debt. If there is any doubt on the agent, you can contact the Universiti Sains Malaysia for verification.
Universiti Sains Malaysia is committed to your online security - but you need to be alert.
Since the methods fraudsters use to deceive payers are constantly changing, Universiti Sains Malaysia will provide regular update on the type of scams it is aware of. The main risk involves unauthorised payment request via email. Universiti Sains Malaysia continuously monitors systems and customer records to guard against such fraudulent activity.

Reporting Universiti Sains Malaysia related phishing emails

If you receive an email that doesn’t address you appropriately and then asks you to click on a link and/or disclose your personal details, you may well be revealing your details to a fraudulent website.
If you have received an email from Universiti Sains Malaysia that you consider to be suspicious or fraudulent, please forward it to hasil@usm.my
Action will be taken on each report received.